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Strike Out, Inc. works with pitchers from all over Long Island, below is a list of the teams we are associated with:

Sudden Impact
Ronkonkoma Cardinals
Long Island Heat
Long Island Bandits
Bayport Phantoms
Long Island Chargers

The Waves
The Silver Bullets
Team Long Island
The Breeze
The Blaze
Long Island Rebels
Lady Sharks
Long Island Express
Long Island Ducks
Long Island Rip Tide
Long Island Heat
North Shore Explosion
North Shore Rebels
Long Island Rebels
Team Baseball Heaven
Long Island Rip Tide



-Strike Out Inc. Pitching Tips-

The importance of Total Body strength
You don't just pitch with your arms- you pitch with your entire body!!  Because of this fact it is very important to have total body strength.  Most injuries that occur happen for 2 reasons...1) improper mechanics 2) overuse and strain due to muscles being unevenly developed!!
Not only do you need to make sure that you are strengthening your throwing arm, you need to strengthen your glove side along with your back muscles, your core muscles, hips and legs.  Along with strength you need to make sure you are stretching!!  You need to keep your muscles strong and flexible to avoid strain and injury!  Softball pitchers when properly conditioned and trained should be able to pitch as much as they want to or as much as their team needs them to!!  So get out there and start workin ladies!!

Want to improve your armspeed? Of course you do, as we all know you can never be too strong or too fast! Try mixing up your normal warmup routine.  After your normal snaps and arm circles, when you are good and loose go ahead and repeat the same snaps and circle routine except with a weighted ball (nothing too heavy- between 9 and 11 oz. is good).  After that continue with your normal routine using the same weighted ball.  Continue with the weighed ball into your fastballs. Throw about 10-15 fastballs with the weighed ball then go back to the regular ball.  Throw about 10 fastballs with the regular ball then 10 more fastballs with the weighted ball again.  You will definately feel a difference in your arm speed when you are finished.  The key then is to continue throwing with that extra speed- No Slacking Off!!

Spins, Spins Spins!!!
You can never practice your spins enough!  If you have a spare 5-10 minutes every day work on your wrist strength and spins for your different pitches.  There are a lot of different tools you can use,like the spin right spinner or weighted balls, or you can  always make your own.  Take an old ball and drive little nails into the seam holes (making sure to drive them all the way in of course) and there you go your own customized weighted ball.  Or, use an old hockey puck instead of a spinner.  No matter what you decide to use the important thing is repetition, your goal is to get faster and stronger.  The faster the ball spins the more the ball will break!!  

The Power of Positive Thinking

I see this issue a lot- a pitcher makes a mistake and is so upset and hard on herself that it almost make it impossible to recover and make corrections on the next few pitches!!  Pitchers need to realize that they are going to make mistakes- we are not machines, we are people.  They need to learn how to take something positive from each pitch even if it is just feeling what felt wrong and say to themselves "ok I know this was not correct, now I am going to try and fix that problem" 

Also practicing positive mental talk!!  For example I want to say to myself "ok here I go, hit that corner"  NOT "ok here I go, DONT MISS THE CORNER"   Sometimes parents or coaches can also contribute to negative self talk.  How many times have you heard someone say " Don't Lose This Batter" or " No Walks"- a much more positive way of cheering a pitcher on would be to say "Stay Ahead" or " You Got This One"

Next, when something happens that you don't like during a game -LET IT GO! The worst thing you can do is dwell on a mistake that you or one of your teammates made.

Getting Ahead Early in the Count

It seems like such a basic idea, but getting ahead early in the count is a very important think when you are a pitcher. You are essentially setting the tone for an entire at bat when you get that first (and second) strike against a batter.  Getting ahead early in the count allows you to throw the pitch that you want to throw and not the "batters pitch"  Batters who are swinging the bat more defensively will be more anxious most of the time and that will allow you to find their weakness more easily.  Since hitting is soo mental you are essentially taking them out of their comfort zone and getting "in their head" when you get ahead early in the count!!  

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